Hi, My name is Aggelos Kechagias. I was born in Athens but currently
living in Corinth, Greece.

After finishing my studies in sound engineering and music technology  I went to the army. Immediately after that I opened my own video game store.That was eight years ago. I have been doing this kind of work for sixteen years now.

My hobbies are constructions and repairs of all kinds, music composing,video games, wake boarding and many many more.

I discovered astronomy/astrophotography 5 years ago and in a short period of time I desided to buy some equipment for astrophotography. I am still learning and I am hoping now with my new observatory to be a better photographer and to
do better and more serious work than before.

Stay tuned for more photos :-)

Enjoy your visit and come again!

Clear, Dark Skies!


Contact me at: angelkexa2@hotmail.com

Find me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/aggelos.kechagias 




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