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This chart shows the forecast wind speed and direction of the 300mb level winds (known as the jetstream level.) The winds at this altitude play a critical role on how steady the seeing conditions will be, with very low wind speeds correlated with very steady seeing. The chart shows the forecast winds for the next 3 days. It is updated twice daily. Wind speeds are indicated by colours (as well as isobar spacing.) The colours convert to the following:

1. Pink coloured areas. Very low wind speeds. Periods of excellent seeing likely.

2. Dark blue coloured areas. Low winds speeds. Periods of good seeing likely.

3. Aqua/Green coloured areas. Moderate wind speeds. Fair to poor seeing likely.

4. Yellow. Moderate/High wind speeds. Poor seeing likely.

5. Orange/Red coloured areas. High/Very high winds speeds. Poor or Very poor seeing likely.